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Techniques & Practices

Strain Selection

We are proud to have a variety of quality strains. Over several years, we have perfected certain stains that grow best in combination with our growing techniques and soil 

Watering & Feeding

We water all of our plants by hand, spending time each day to watch the progress of every plant.  Our organic nutrient protocols utilize the best products for quality and quantity, and are all OMRI listed.


Southern Oregon boasts almost perfect conditions for cultivating cannabis. We grow outdoor with pure sunshine as well as year-round in a Light Deprivation greenhouse with supplemental lights in the dark season. 

Irrigation Sources

Throughout most of the year, our water source is from the Talent Irrigation District.  Water is pumped from the canal that runs along our property and enters a state-of-the art filtration system to remove impurities.

Companion Planting & Pest Control

Pest prevention and elimination is one of the most challenging experiments on the farm.  Sometimes essential oils are effective, other times a rotating application of beneficial bacteria is necessary.  We also sow companion plants alongside our cannabis that deter unwanted insects.

Conscious Capitalism

A big part of our mission is helping people. We have created a business model that pairs these tenets with this plant ally that has the potential to change lives.

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