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We are thrilled to offer tours at various times during the year.  Please contact us for an appointment.  

As a state-licensed Recreational Marijuana Producer, Shamrock Farming Company stands at the forefront of the cannabis advocacy movement. For us, growing marijuana is about more than just producing a recreational product. 

We want to change the conversation about cannabis. 

Shamrock brings awareness to the industry through education and an exploration of how our community may benefit from this plant. 

Ultimately, being of service is our greatest goal. 

To reach this goal, we must understand the climate of the cannabis business.

We have found that an effective approach to the changing industry means having vision, knowledge and a great deal of patience. 

We also believe that healthy relationships are essential

The relationship we have with our land affects the soil.  The relationships the plants have with each other and our animals will either help or hurt our harvest.   The relationships we have with our neighboring farmers, our town and our government has an impact on our production, and our ability to be of service .   

We are a family farm seeking to be of service to our community.

In the same manner that we care for our plants, animals and each other, everything we do is done in alignment with our bigger vision and mission.

We strive for the best, most efficient and ecologically sound solutions for every part of the farm.  This includes all of our actions from soil to sale.



Farm fresh eggs from the happiest chickens on the block!  

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