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Southern Oregon Cannabis Production

Shamrock Farming Company,  is a small locally owned specialty farm focused on sustainability farming and supporting the community. We strive to find the most effective solutions for every part of the farm from soil to sale. Besides the economic value and usefulness of producing a premium organic product, we believe the following benefits of our effort under the climate of the cannabis advocacy movement:

Economic - stimulates revenue for governments, investors benefit and law-enforcement costs reduced

Social- creates an industry of new jobs, decriminalizes production/selling/usage and benefits medical patients

Environmental - supports better control of resources, reduces black-market cultivation eliminating most trespassing, dumping, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers and petroleum fuel contamination

We want to change the conversation about cannabis. 

Shamrock brings awareness to the industry through education and an exploration of how our community may benefit from this plant. 

We are a local farm seeking to be of service to our community.

The relationships we have with our neighboring farmers, our town, and our government has an impact on our production, and our ability to be of service .   


Farm Tour


We are thrilled to offer tours at various times during the year.  Please contact us for an appointment.  



Farm fresh eggs from the happiest chickens on the block!  

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